The easiest way to reach me is via e mail:

[email protected]



1) I am currently involved in a number of writing and ilustration projects for Science & Steampunk Publisher The Greatest Minds Ltd. As their in-house graphic designer and illustrator, I have a hand in almost all the illustrations on their website, plus their off-line publications, including their merchandise and artwork collections on "Red Bubble".


You can find The Greatest Minds' Website [HERE]


2) You can find my work in the Greatest Minds' Red Bubble collections [HERE] and [HERE]


3) On my own account and on behalf of The Greatest Minds, I am waiving the rights to a few of my photographs: you can find/download these for free on "our" Pixabay account, TGM001 [HERE].


4) I don't get time to tweet, blog etc., but if you have any burning questions, you can e mail me on-

[email protected]


5) A book of my recent illustrations is slated to come out in late 2020/early 2021 c/o Linden Lime Publishing. There isn't a proper mailing list yet, but some colleagues and followers of my magazine work have asked for notification when there are more details- if you also want a heads-up, please drop me an e mail with "Book Notification" in the subject line and I will e mail you, as well.


Thank you for your interest in my work.