Magazine Work:


For E-Zines (scroll down for print magazine work):


35) "Hyraxes and Ibexes: Wildlife Spotting by the Shores of the Dead Sea" by V. Neblik, pages 14-23 in "Marie Curie and the Ibexes: Top Popular Science Writing from The Greatest": In press (E-Book ISBN: 978- 0-9565785-2-5.  To be published: Linden Lime Publishing- an imprint of The Greatest Minds Ltd),


In Small Furry Pets:


34)“Talking Bats”: interview with Ms. Denise Wade of Bat Rescue and Conservation Queensland by V. Neblik, Feb-March 2016, pp32-36,


33)“The Charm of the Quokka”: interview with Dr. Matthew Hayward by

V. Neblik; Oct-Nov 2014, pp 51-55,


32) “The Giant Hamster on our Doorstep”: interview with Mr Julien Hoffmann by V. Neblik; Feb 2013,


31)“Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue”: interview with Ms Tamsin Stone by V. Neblik; Issue 2, Feb-March 2012,


30)“The Rise of the Rat”: interview with Dr Charlotte Burn by V Neblik; Issue 1, Winter 2011, pp34-39, (circulation ca 25,000),



in Popular Fish Keeping:


29)“Asia's First 'River Safari'”, V. Neblik, Summer 2014, pp 50-51,


28)“Discovering More about The Angel of the Aquarium”,

V. Neblik, Mar-Apr 2014, pp 52-56, (Circulation: 1.3 Million),


27)“The Amazing Zebra Danio”, V. Neblik, Jan-Feb 2014, pp 53 to 57,


26) “The French Tank making a Splash in Durham”,

V. Neblik, Jan- Feb 2014, p6,


25)“ 'Aquascaping', Rearing Intelligent Fish and ...Guppy breeding”,

V. Neblik, November/December 2013 (Circulation ca 10,000),



in Practical Reptile Keeping: 


24 articles published between Dec 2009 & Feb 2012- all interviews with specialists-


24)“Impractical Reptile Keeping”: interview with Prof Philip Currie on dinosaurs by V. Neblik, Feb 2012,


23) “Myths and the Middle Ages: a glimpse into herp history and folklore”: interview with Dr Kathleen Miekle-Walker by V. Neblik, Jan 2012,


22)“The Surgeon and the Stick insects”,

interview with Prof. Francis Seow-Choen by V. Neblik, Dec 2011,


21)“A Flick of the Tail", interview with Dr Richard Peters by V. Neblik, Nov 2011,


20)“Chameleons, Evolutionary Trees and Climate Change”,

interview with Dr Krystal Tolley by V. Neblik, Oct 2011,


19)“Sting in the Tail”, interview on Scorpions with Prof. Lorenzo Prendini by V. Neblik, Aug 2011,


18)“The Gharial, the King Cobra and the Indian rainforest”,

interview with Mr Romulus Whitaker by V. Neblik, July 2011,


17)“Tracking Turtles”, interview with Dr Matthew Wittby V. Neblik, April 2011  


16)“Arachnophilia”: interview with Dr Geoff Oxford by V. Neblik, March 2011


15)“Snake Enthusiast Vincent Russo talks about red dragons...boas...and ..breeding methods” : interview with Mr Vincent Russo by V. Neblik, Feb 2011


14)“Dr Warren Booth on sex, boas and virgin births”,

interview with Mr Vincent Russo by V. Neblik, Jan 2011


13)“Prof Yehudah Werner on Israeli herpetofauna and geckos”,

interview by V. Neblik, Dec 2010


12)“The Best Job in the World?”,

interview with Mr Matt Swatman by V. Neblik, Nov 2010


11)“Dr Jean-Luc Boevé on Sawflies”, interview by V. Neblik, Oct 2010,


10)"Cane Toads, Sea Kraits and the Benefits of Bushfires”,

interview with Prof. Rick Shine by V. Neblik, Sept 2010,


9)“Adders and the Joy of African Snake watching”,

interview with Dr Tony Phelps by V. Neblik, Aug 2010


8)“Wildlife presenter Della Golding discusses taipans, crocodiles and improving reptile care”, interview by V. Neblik, July 2010,


7)“On the trail of turtles”,

interview with Prof. John Davenport by V. Neblik, June 2010


6)“Darren Mann on Dung beetles and Cockroaches”,

interview by V. Neblik, May 2010


5)“Shooting reptiles and Saving Amphibians”,

interview with Dr Paul Hamilton by V. Neblik, April 2010


4)“Colour Technology in the Creatures we keep”,

interview with J.-P. Vigneron by V. Neblik, March 2010


3)“Talking Frogs and Toads” ,

interview with Dr Phil Bishop by V. Neblik, Feb 2010


2)“Meet TV’s Bug man”,

interview with Prof George McGavin by V. Neblik, Jan 2010


1)“The Snakeman”: interview with Mr Joel La Rocque, by V. Neblik,

Dec 2009